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NEET 2022 FAQs-Most Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. In which languages Exam Praxis courses are offered?

The Exam Praxis platform offers courses  only in English Medium.

Q. Why should I use Exam Praxis?

Exam Praxis, a unique online practice platform that follows the scientific way of learning, has been designed to fulfill students' study requirements for competitive examinations such as NEET, JEE, and Olympiads. The Exam Praxis platform makes the students practice, practice, and practice a large variety of handpicked questions selected by the subject matter experts. The platform provides the right direction and strategy to the students by using a number of scientific study tools - Revise, Practice, and Learn.

Q. How can I use Exam Praxis for preparation of my NEET Exam?

NEET Exam is based on speed, accuracy, and clarity of concepts. The Exam Praxis content is designed such that it makes the student Exam ready. The students can start from basic fundamentals to reach the optimum level. To cover the fundamentals, the students must revise concepts and then practice exercise and concept tests. The students can further strengthen their concepts by going through the practice MCQ section, chapter tests, and previous years papers.

Q. Does Exam Praxis cover all the chapters in the syllabus?

Yes, the Exam Praxis practice platform covers all the chapters and topics as per the latest Exam pattern.

Q. What are the different courses offered by Exam Praxis and their commencement dates?

Exam praxis is a subscription based platform. Initially, students preparing for NEET and other medical entrance examinations can practice on the platform. Initially, we have courses that last for 6 months, 12 months and 24 months.

Q. What are advantages of subscribing to Ultimate Pack?

It offers opportunity to get access to our platform for next two years.

Q. How can I subscribe to Basic, Standard, Advanced and Ultimate Packs?

Go to Plan page on Exam Praxis website and select desire plan and then make payment for subscription.

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Q. What is refund policy?

We aim to provide the best services at competitive prices in our best capacity. We provide 15 days cancellation option with a full refund of any paid services (excluding Test Papers). The user has the option to cancel the subscription in 30 days with a 50% refund. There will not be any refund after completing 30 days of a paid service.

Q. Is my payment secured?

We use a reputed payment gateway (PayU) and directly shift payment process from our website to payment gateway. We do not collect any payment related confidential data on our website.